On Thursday Nov 9th Health Advocate and Kidney transplant recipient Roc Nation Artist Freeway’s new imprint Freedom Thinkers Academy partnered with the Organ Donor organization the Gift of Life and The Community Education Building to bring a Phlebotomy workforce certification program to the underserved community of Wilmington De. 15 students have enrolled and passed the 8-week certification and have already received job offers within their medical field.

Notable attendees were:

Health Advocate Kidney transplant recipient Roc Nation Artist Philadelphia Freeway
CEO of Gift of Life Rick Hasz
New Castle County Executive Mattew S. Meyer

The CEB course started with 15 students and are graduating 13 which is an amazing graduation rate. There are a handful of students that have already received job offers in the field and others hope to become certified teaching assistants for the next co-hort.
This graduating class has passed an 8-week course of our advanced phlebotomy program which covers in-depth theoretical knowledge and practical skills required for drawing blood samples from patients.

Students within our programs learn the following:

Advanced anatomy and physiology, focusing on the circulatory system and blood composition. Additionally, they delve into specialized techniques, such as clinical case studies, venipuncture, IV therapy, arterial puncture, high level laboratory skills, and pediatric phlebotomy; preparing them for a variety of clinical settings.

Our program often includes hands-on training with advanced equipment, ensuring students are proficient in various blood collection methods. Moreover, students are taught career readiness, the importance of patient care, infection control, and ethical considerations in the field of phlebotomy.

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